At G.A. Herzog Construction, our main focus is delivering the highest quality workmanship and personal service to produce projects that satisfy your needs. We set high expectations for ourselves in everything we do, and are proud to be known for setting standards for the remodeling industry, standards other companies compare themselves against.
G.A. Herzog Construction is a full service, complete home improvement company that specializes in residential remodeling. We do not specialize in just one or two areas like siding, windows, or roofing. We can help you with your entire project.

Our home remodeling services include:

  • Pre Construction

  • Residential Construction

  • Design/Build

Our projects include:

Over the years the complexity and scope of our projects has increased dramatically. We still do our share of the standard remodeling projects, however, some of our addition projects have expanded to the size of many homes or larger.

We employ specialized trade subcontractors who have worked with us for years. By using in house personnel, we know we can control the quality of the remodeling process. This is one of the many things that set us apart from other companies who will subcontract your job out to another company, thus potentially losing control over the entire project.